At Regis and Smith, we are proud to offer great jobs from great companies.

90% of our jobs are permanent placement where you work directly for the company. We are only hired to find great people and use our professional recruiting and interviewing skills to find the best candidate for the job. You will work for and be an employee of our client.

The other 10% of the jobs we offer are temp positions where you will be an employee of our firm and fill in for workers that are sick or on vacation. We also assist companies during their peak business times. With temp positions you will earn a little more per hour plus get the flexibility to work around your schedule.

We do not take resumes not intended for a specific position we are currently recruiting for. We only take applications directly for jobs we currently have on our books. Please search for the type of job you are loking for and if you like please apply. If you are being considered for a position one of our recruiters or the client will contact you.

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